TECHNOGRAFIA LTD 成立于 2007 年,已迅速成长为行业领先的笔译、口译和沟通服务提供商,在笔译、多媒体和软件本地化、口译、多语言 DTP 及图形沟通服务方面提供丰富的专业知识。



促进业务增长,服务客户,需要触及更广泛的受众。这在当今联系日益紧密的全球社会中并非易事,而 TECHNOGRAFIA LTD 则致力于解决此类挑战,助您克服这一难题
TECHNOGRAFIA LTD 是一家值得信赖的语言解决方案公司,尤其擅长通过面向本地受众的用户界面、菜单和文本翻译(即本地化过程),调整现代化软件和多媒体平台,使其便于客户访问和使用。
Growing your business and serving your customers entails being able to reach out to a wide array of audiences. This can be difficult in today’s increasingly connected global community but this is precisely the type of challenge we here at TECHNOGRAFIA LTD have worked so hard to help you overcome.
TECHNOGRAFIA LTD is a trusted language solutions company and is especially adept in adapting modern software and multimedia platforms so they are accessible and easy to use for our clients by translating the user interface, menus, and text for the local audience—a process known as localization.
Interpretation, the act of translating verbal speech in real time, has broad, critical applications in cross-border or international business transactions and dealings, medical and hospital settings where patients cannot communicate with healthcare providers, in law enforcement and the legal system, and in the hospitality and tourism sectors.
Design, graphics, and desktop publishing are visual languages that present their own set of unique challenges and are entirely different from those posed by spoken and textual communication. Texts can expand or contract when translated into other languages, thus affecting the layout.