Social Responsibility

At TECHNOGRAFIA, our passion is decoding the puzzles presented by language.

Language is our great drive and we realize that language barriers present many real challenges all over the world. We have built our company into a reliable source for language solutions.

As we have matured as a company, we recognize that we bear a social responsibility to do our part of a citizen of the world and to pay it forward.

It is our goal to help great non-profit organizations that are really making a difference in every corner of the globe to continue making a positive impact.

What we do

Through ActionAid, TECHNOGRAFIA is the proud sponsor of a child in Nepal and another in Africa.

We donate money to the communities of the children and the financial assistance supports the development of the community as a whole. After ActionAid completes its mission at these communities, they select another community to which we continue to sponsor and lend our support.

Throughout the history of TECHNOGRAFIA, we have supported six children and their communities.

Helping this organization provide services for the betterment of the world we live in has been a very fulfilling endeavor and, as we grow as a company, we will continue to engage these worthwhile organizations and contribute so that more and more people receive the aid they need.