• Translation team management system

    with instant assignments and transparent progress tracking.

  • Agency and freelancer marketplace

    with 200,000 vendors from around the world.

  • Powerful CAT tool

    without limitations on the number of users or resources used.

  • Payment automation solution

    for one-click payments to all vendors at once, wherever they are located.

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Today’s companies need to deliver their content instantly across the globe. But this is not possible if you keep exchanging endless emails and files to get content localized. The only way to stay globally relevant is to connect the whole multilingual content delivery loop.
If a client updates their app, they want to be able to push all the strings for translation via an API and pull it back when they’re ready. They don’t reminisce about the “good old days” of the slow, inefficient, time-consuming process. They want the “click-a-button, forget about it” experience.
That’s what we call Connected Translation.

Want to take your workflow to the next level while saving costs?