Software localization

TECHNOGRAFIA is a trusted language solutions company and is especially adept in adapting modern software and multimedia platforms so they are accessible and easy to use for our clients by translating the user interface, menus, and text for the local audience—a process known as localization.

We localize software, websites, apps and firmware and adapt them for local markets around the world, paying close attention to not only language subtleties, but also specific market nuances.

TECHNOGRAFIA has extensive experience in software localization and we have worked for a wide array of clients. For instance, our company was involved in the localization of Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft PSS, Apple OS, SAP and Lotus Notes, just to name a few. These high-profile localization projects are a testament to our expertise and capabilities and we bring the same level of professionalism to every localization project we undertake.

If you remember Lotus Notes, then you know how long TECHNOGRAFIA has been a trusted partner for these global brands. These tech giants trust our localization services and we consider it a pleasure to extend them to you, too.