Multilingual DTP

Design, graphics, and desktop publishing are visual languages that present their own set of unique challenges and are entirely different from those posed by spoken and textual communication. Texts can expand or contract when translated into other languages, thus affecting the layout. Some languages read right to left; others read from top to bottom. Furthermore, images and photographs may need to be adapted for the local audience to ensure cultural appropriateness. You always want to make an impact but translating graphics and text into another language can impede your ability to do so.

When the content of a marketing brochure, a sales presentation, or product packaging needs to be translated into other languages, there are problems that may arise. For one, texts rendered into the translated languages may expand or contract; what was said in just a few words and in little space may grow into a paragraph thus affecting the space required in the layout.

The multilingual design specialists at TECHNOGRAFIA are especially adept at solving these translation, spatial, and design problems no matter how much room you have to work with. We are committed to maintaining the intent and impact of your message no matter how it must be altered or what language it needs to be rendered in.

View our portfolio here and see how we make your products and designs shine in any language.