Interpretation, the act of translating verbal speech in real time, has broad, critical applications in cross-border or international business transactions and dealings, medical and hospital settings where patients cannot communicate with healthcare providers, in law enforcement and the legal system, and in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

TECHNOGRAFIA offers professional interpreters for business meetings or conferences, civil and criminal legal proceeding, and hospital and healthcare settings. Professional, quality interpretation services may mean the difference between a successful trial versus legal roadblocks; they could be the difference between better patient outcome versus poor quality medical care. TECHNOGRAFIA provides both consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation services to our clients across a range of industries and settings.

As the phrase suggests, simultaneous interpreting is a near real-time service in which the target language is being rendered almost immediately as the source language speaker is talking.

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has completed their oration. These services help overcome the language barriers and overcome the cultural gaps. Interpretation helps you get on the same page—quite literally—with the people you are working with right away.

Each type of interpretation service has its rightful place, which is why we offer both kinds. We understand that our clients’ needs are unique.

Not sure what is right for you? We can help you weigh the benefits and make the right decision. Contact us today.