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Medical and Healthcare

From increasing patient engagement to making intelligent care a reality, our medical translation solutions bridge the divide among diverse providers and consumers of healthcare services.

Technografia brings our medical and healthcare expertise when we work with these projects, using specialists trained in the specific medical or healthcare terminology and style. That’s why companies such as Pfizer trust us with their projects, putting the same trust and care their customers and patients have in Pfizer with us.

And the projects and materials we work with are just as diverse, ranging from medical tourism to medical devices, from medical marketing documents to operating device manuals, and from dialysis machines to defibrillators.

In medical translation services, accuracy is paramount. Technografia consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations by delivering a high quality translation product and service. Find out today about how Technografia’s professional medical translators use unique workflows, technology, and medical glossaries to deliver a high quality medical translation.