Industry-specific language manifests itself in special terms, lingos and acronyms. It is also conveyed in more subtle ways such as styles and conventions. Therefore, each industry demands its own language and communication solution. Technografia has assisted numerous industry professionals in devising translation and language solutions tailor-made for their specific challenges. Whether you deal in a niche market or you are front and center in your industry, we have the experience to overcome any language barrier.


World-class manufacturers such as Caterpillar, NTN-SNR and Bausch+Ströbel come to Technografia because our high communication and translation standards meet our clients’ high manufacturing quality requirements. We understand that precision translation is of the utmost importance when it comes to ensuring that you put out an unparalleled product, which is why so many multinational corporations choose to work with us. Our job is to delve into the product you manufacture and apply our vast knowledge of language and translation so that your team at home and abroad are exceptionally prepared and equipped.
When the stakes are high in the medical and healthcare industry, hospitals, medical device companies, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies trust Technografia with their medical translation and healthcare translation. There is absolutely no room for error in this field and we at Technografia understand this better than anyone else. Technografia is trusted by many healthcare facilities and organizations not only to make sure that translations are seamless, but to help them better serve their patients.
When manufacturing cars, car parts and accessories, everything has to fit together perfectly. This methodology parallels how we view our translation work for the myriad automotive brands that choose to work with us here at Technografia. Some of the world’s top automotive companies have come to us for reliable, consistent and streamlined translation and communication service. The auto industry is one of the largest in the world and we have the technology and expertise to deliver unrivaled language solutions. Technografia has delivered automotive translation to many of the world’s leading automotive brands.
Technology changes fast. You need a translation company and technical translation partner who can keep up with that change. No matter how specialized your technical translation needs may be, we can help you meet them. Technografia has steeped itself into the highly-specialized lexicon of technology so that we know it inside and out. Our goal is to keep our clients at the forefront of the technology industries with customized lingo and translation services and programs. Technology adapts rapidly and so do we.
Technografia has its roots in Greece, and in Greece, tourism is ingrained into our DNA, and hospitality runs through our veins. Millions of people flock to Greece every year in search of ancient and exotic experiences and we have become a mainstay of the local hospitality industry for our expert translation services. From hotels and restaurants to guided tours and visitor centers, we have made richer experiences for our clients’ patrons. So, who better to help you in this industry than Technografia? After all, our company’s name derives from the Greek word, to write.
E-learning streamlines the employee training process so that you have a prepared workforce who can be productive faster. This educational medium can also help you expand into more markets, increase sales, and lower operating costs. At Technografia, we have been utilizing E-learning programs to resounding success. No matter what specific linguistic needs you may have, we are ready to show you how E-learning can help your business flourish. Learn how Technografia can help you use E-learning to train employees faster, expand into more markets, increase sales, and lower operating costs.