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TECHNOGRAFIA translates legal documents, medical devices, technical manuals, consumer electronics,
sales and marketing collateral, processes and procedures, software, apps and websites in over 100 language combinations.

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5 Principles of our work

Unlike many translation companies, TECHNOGRAFIA differentiates itself in that clients are able to work directly with their linguists without the filter of file-handling project managers. Clients have direct access to the linguists so that any linguistic queries are quickly resolved. This same access also enables our linguists to learn about clients’ business.

This access—and the knowledge it brings—is our competitive advantage—our “secret sauce”. This is why TECHNOGRAFIA is able to bring tremendous vertical industry expertise to the table. Customers have highly industry-specific requirements and face challenges unique to their market. And TECHNOGRAFIA is always there as a partner every step of the way to guide our customers.

Come find out why global industry leaders trust us for their mission-critical and time-sensitive projects.

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Our Capabilities

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    translated everyday, including German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Turkish, Arabic etc.

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