Technografia - E-Learning


Companies continue to use elearning to train new hires and improve the performance of current employees.

Elearning products are the convergence of training content, technology, design, multimedia, and language. To be effective, elearning has to be localized and adapted for the local audiences.

E-learning can mean self training and can also be used in conjunction with instructor-led training, and enables distance learning, as well.

With Technografia’s e-learning solutions, companies reap the benefits of an upfront investment over time and geographies.

We have provided multimedia, translation and localization services to help companies transform their elearning content, including code of ethics, employee manuals, IT governance, and practically any subject matter in which our clients want to leverage the benefits of elearning.

We have the capability to develop elearning courses and elearning modules from start to finish. And we can translate your elearning content into any language, adapt it for any culture, and target it for any market.