Our clients’ satisfaction is our highest priority. As a results-oriented company, we are always striving to perform above and beyond for our clients, by offering outstanding services and exceptional customer support from our dedicated and talented multilingual staff.

Our well-known clients include banks, law firms, motorcycle and automobile manufacturers, pharmaceutical packaging plants, medical devices manufacturers, robot systems manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers, e-commerce companies, software developers and many more.

We have a proven track record of successfully managing our clients’ translation, interpretation, multimedia & software localization, as well as multilingual DTP and graphics communication services. Please read our client testimonials, to understand more about our achievements.

Rapid Turnaround Translation

A Dutch Internet company sends text files and Word documents where content is often copied and pasted and requires rapid turnaround translation

Web Content Localization

A UK-based solar energy company is looking to localize its web content

LSP Translation

Translating large volume of German, English, French, Spanish and Italian documents into Greek for a Europe-based, global language service provider (LSP)

Software Localization

Localization of software, user interface and documentation for medical devices for a US-based medical equipment company