Businesses worldwide—whether they are in technology or manufacturing, in hospitals or hospitality—are constantly looking for an edge in the competitive landscape. Retail consumers and multi-national corporations alike demand more value and better service. Communicating your company’s ability to meet that demand has never been more challenging.

Training manuals, sales and marketing collateral, processes and procedures, user interfaces of software, apps and websites must be targeted and precisely crafted in order to be impactful. As your customers become ever more sophisticated, so too must be your communication in order to clearly convey the value and benefits you bring.

Technografia is here to help you meet those challenges and exceed expectations.

Industry Solutions

Each industry has its own language. This industry-specific language manifests itself in special terms, lingos and acronyms. It is also conveyed in more subtle ways such as styles and conventions. Therefore, each industry demands its own language and communication solution


Technology - Tecnografia

Change is the only constant in technology. Newer and better technologies help businesses connect with other businesses, businesses connect with consumers, and even consumers connect with other consumers—in ways never before possible.


Manufacturing - Tecnografia

World-class manufacturers such as Caterpillar, NTN-SNR and Bausch+Ströbel come to Technografia because our high communication and language standards meet our clients’ high manufacturing standards.


elearning - Tecnografia

E-learning products are the convergence of training content, technology, design, multimedia, and language. To be effective, e-learning has to be localized and adapted for the local audiences.

Automotive industry

automotive - Tecnografia

The automotive industry is a regulated industry where manufacturing expertise, successful adoption of consumer demand and tastes, and compliance with regulatory standards are all necessary ingredients for success.


hospitality - Tecnografia

Technografia has its roots in Greece, and in Greece, tourism is ingrained into our DNA, and hospitality runs through our veins. So, who better to help you in this industry than Technografia? After all, our company’s name derives from the Greek word, to write.

Medical and healthcare

medical-healthcare - Tecnografia

The stakes are never as high when it comes to medical and healthcare industry. From increasing patient engagement to making intelligent care a reality, our healthcare language solutions bridge the divide among diverse providers and consumers of medical and healthcare services.