Makis Psaroudakis (Creative People)

Makis Psaroudakis (Creative People)


Chrysostomos “Makis” Psaroudakis is the founder and owner of Creative People, the IT Company supporting Technografia’s IT expansion planning and implementation.

Makis has made at least a “touch and go” on every international airport in Europe.

He studied in Piraeus, London, Jyväskylä and has a PhD in IP Communications and a distinction from MIT for one of his projects.
He speaks fluent Greek, English, and French.

Fond of high tech, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and complicated IT designs, Makis specializes in IT Infrastructures and pretends to “hate” gadgets since he unfortunately has no free time to use them!

Code name: GoldFish

Secret super power: come on! “Run as admin” or “sudo.”